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Divine Mercy Community Site , Jesus "To anyone who propagates confidence and love towards My Mercy, I will give a hundred fold in this life and in the next." Now I have found this new means I ask your help as the beggar asks alms. Will you help Me?

Welcome to The Divine Mercy Community Site.

Here is a brief history of how I, (Anthony) setup the very first Divine Mercy website in its honour...

Way back in April 1996 when the internet was still very much in its infancy and people where
dedicating his/her website to their particular hobby or interest.

I had a special devotion to the Divine Mercy since 1984 after reading the Diary of Sr Faustina (now Saint)
People on line were alotted a certain amount of webspace by their provider to create and share their interests
with the world!.. I thought!... This would be a great way to spread devotion to the Divine Mercy...
Within two weeks the Divine Mercy Site was up, running and receiving emails from all over of the Globe!!
Within a short period of time I had over 100,000 visitors world-wide to the site. It became extremely difficult
replying to each and every email...

Because of this and much to my regret I decided to take the site down soon afterwards! Fortunately with all the
interactive software available today it makes it far more easier to deal with on line traffic, and so I decided
To re-create it as an interactive social network where "Visitors" could interact with each other... Share Thoughts
Become Friends - Comment and ultimately Pray on-line together, with the option to add Payer Group!...

...And here it is!... The Divine Mercy Community Site!

This site was designed to be easy on the eye and soul, free from the noise and clutter of advertising and links...
Not for any other purpose other than spiritual gain. I ask no donation of any kind. But as it is costly to keep
and maintain a network site, I have provided a small service, that of two Audio-Books at a minimal fee of $2.99ea
for download to help me keep this site up to date with the latest technology and go towards the distribution of
leaflets to those who for some reason may not be able to obtain them... Should you find it difficult to find one
please PM me with your address and I will get one to you!

I hope you "Like" "Share" "Comment" enjoy and receive many Blessings, Grace and enlightenment through this site... God Bless.

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